Support KWPQ-LP,  keep local, live community radio on the air.

On The Air

By supporting KWPQ-LP, you’re keeping an independent voice in the Ozarks for programs and music you love. Jazz, Blues, Acoustic and Original Music that doesn’t get boring or repetitious.

You’ll hear radio drama, artist specials and live music from the Ozarks, commercial free and outside the orbit of commercial corporate radio.

Make a pledge using the form below…or pop over to PayPal and show us some love, using the button to the right of the page or you can email for underwriting information.

A buck or a billion, we’re not picky. Thanks for supporting community radio!


Personal – Birthday etc.         $1 ea. 5 minimum

Business Supporter:              $2 ea. 10 min. 20% discount on add’l groups of 10

Operations Support:*           $60 – 50 announcements for 1 month, 20% off additional                                                                                months

Partner Support:*                  $100 – 80 announcements per month, select time spots.

  • Operations & Partner support also receive a block ad and link on our website. You might choose to support a block of programming, an online stream of the station or a specific program like CBS Mystery Theater.

If you have a few grand burning a hole in your pocket, we’ll make a deal that might involve me residing in a very warm place in the afterlife, but you’d be famous and my family would be thrilled to know that I won’t be under foot.

Mix and match the above, we’re easy to deal with and the idea is to make you happy, promote your business and keep great music in Springfield.

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What you need to know about underwriting on a non-commercial radio station:

Underwriting is constrained by the FCC to differentiate announcements from commercials.  KWPQ would be in violation if we ran a commercial announcement that contained specific defined elements that the FCC prohibits:

  • Price Information – “This next program is brought to you be Crabby Jim’s – home of the $5 Crab dinner
  • Calls to Action  – “This next program is brought to you by Crabby Jim’s – come try our new sandwiches
  • Special Inducements – “This next program is brought to you by Crabby Jim’s – come today and get a free bag of chips
  • Qualitative Language – “This next program is brought to you by Crabby Jim’s – the BEST sub in town”

Acceptable announcements would include:

  • “This hour of music is underwritten by Crabby Jim’s Seafood Shack, all seafood all the time, at 333 3rd Street, 417-555-5555 or on the web at”.
  • “The Twilight Zone, underwritten by Old Bob’s Overalls, in business for 322 years making nothing but overalls for you and your friends. Stop by at 222 Blubber Road, 417-666-6666 or see their website at”
  • “Happy Birthday to Junior Samples from your friends and family on the occasion of your appearance on the planet. “

Basically, anything works as long as you’re not making a call to action, offering inducements to buy, comparing your quality with other vendors of similar merchandise or offering specific pricing information.

We’ll work with you to get your message across and stay within the guidelines of the FCC, so it’s a win-win.

How can underwriting benefit your business?

While underwriting is not commercial advertising, it can provide your firm with some of the same benefits plus some that commercial advertising can’t offer. Research indicates that Low Power radio is an excellent public relations tool. Listeners have a positive image of companies that support Low Power radio and report their purchasing decisions are influenced by such underwriting support.

Target and reach a select audience…

Because of the focused programming on KWPQ, the listeners are a diversified group of people who share many common interests and life-styles. KWPQ provides programs for groups ranging from most all ages, many of these age groups are ignored by the commercial stations.

  • Senior citizens have above-average disposable incomes. They support businesses that support them.
  • Kids and college students are still establishing their purchasing patterns. KWPQ can help you reach all of these audiences.
  • Demonstrate your community concern…Your support of KWPQ shows you are interested in contributing to the quality of life in Springfield and surrounding communities.

Awareness of your business is expanded each time you are mentioned on KWPQ LP 103.3 FM. Here’s the best kept secret– with our diverse program offerings, you will be able to reach more types of listeners than any single format station!

  • Enhance your business image…

Your image is enhanced by your association with non-commercial local radio. You will be joining other fine businesses that support our quality radio programming.