KWPQ-LP a non-commercial community FM radio station in Springfield, Mo. We are funded by grants, donations from great listeners, and terrific businesses that underwrite our programs.

Willow’s Wood Community Network was granted a Construction Permit for KWPQ-LP by the FCC in 2014 for a low power FM radio station in Springfield, at 103.3 MHz then granted our License to Cover in February of 2017.  Our goal is to meet the needs of Springfield listeners through alternative music and public affairs programming.

KWPQ-LP is not a corporate behemoth, just a half dozen folks that love radio and hope to take you along for the ride. We’d love to hear your ideas and have your support.


The KWPQ-LP primary coverage map. Depending on terrain and your antenna, our signal covers a roughly 15 mile radius from the tower site, covering just under 200,000 residents of greater Springfield.

 KWPQ-LP coverage map