From John Coltrane, Robert Johnson & Howlin’ Wolf to Stevie Ray Vaughn, Diana Krall and Thelonious Monk, KWPQ-LP plays Jazz and Blues from across the spectrum.

Days, you’ll hear Blues and Classic Rock from the underground. Weekends we’ll turn off the amps, crank up the mics and play acoustic music from Folk and Bluegrass to Slack Key Guitars.


Highly qualified KWPQ DJ spinning tunes…

Nightly treats include Smooth Jazz, Jazz Masters as well as  Mystery Theater and Alien worlds, classic radio dramas from the 70’s that are finding an new audience again on selected stations.

KWPQ-LP is here to play the music you like. With every genre available in Springfield…we hope to provide an outlet for home grown, pure American entertainment without the 10 minute commercial breaks and endless talking. You’ll hear as all the Jazz & Blues names you love, commercial free.

KWPQ-LP isn’t a 100,000 watt blowtorch, we don’t compete with the corporate mega-stations, but we can deliver what you want to hear whether it’s through 103.3 FM or online.

If you can support our programming through underwriting or a few bucks in the tip jar, that’s great…if not, drop us a line and let us know you like what you hear. For us, petting the dog is just as good as feeding it. We’re here to make music, not money.

The governing board of KWPQ-LP invites your input, encourages your support, and we thank you for turning your dial to 103.3 FM.