Alien Worlds

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Alien Worlds – Science Fiction Radio Drama

Slowly rotating at the edge of deep space, 1,000 kilometers beyond the atmosphere of 21st-century Earth, is the Arthur C. Clarke Astronomical Observatory: Starlab. Here, Starlab Director Maura Cassidy, along with the scientists and technicians of the International Space Authority, watch over the countless stars and planets that fill the silent distances beyond the giant space station.

Alien Worlds is an audio adventure series heard around the world, with top Hollywood actors, impressive stereo sound effects and a stirring music score composed by Jim Kirk. (not James T. Kirk, ya geek!)


  Series One Episodes

The Marcabs, Attempt To Steal Energy From Our Sun On The Sun Stealers
The Sun Stealers
The Starsmith Project Audiobook Adventure
The Starsmith Project
The Night Riders of Kalimar Audiobook
The Night Riders of Kalimar

 The Keeper of Eight Audiobook Adventure
The Keeper Of Eight

 The ISA Conspiracy Audiobook Adventure
The ISA Conspiracy

The Resurrectionists of Lethe Audiobook Adventure
The Resurrectionists
Of Lethe

  Series Two Episodes

 The Kilohertz War Audiobook Adventure
The Kilohertz War

 The Adventure of The Egyptian Necklace Audiobook Adventure
The Adventure Of The Egyptian Necklace

 Time Clash Audiobook Adventure
Time Clash

Deathsong Audiobook Adventure

 The Infinity Factor Audiobook Adventure
The Infinity Factor

 Earthlight Audiobook Adventure

 The Seeds Of Time Audiobook Adventure
The Seeds Of Time

 The Madonnas Of Zanibar Alpha Audiobook Adventure
The Madonnas Of Zanzibar Alpha

 The Himalayan Parllel Audiobook Adventure
The Himalayan Parallel

  “…A startlingly realistic. Thanks to sophisticated production values, It has an impressive, ‘big’ sound, with special electronic and voice effects. The stereo processing turns home stereo sound systems into a theater as intergalactic sounds go from one speaker to another, creating the sensation of motion as the episodes speed along.”
Bernard Beck — THE DAILY NEWS

  Series Three Episodes

 A Dream Within A Dream Audiobook Adventure
A Dream Within A Dream

 The Parallax Deception Audiobook Adventure
The Parallax Deception
 A Question Of Conscience Audiobook Adventure
A Question Of Conscience

 The Leukocyte Manuever Audiobook Adventure
The Leukocyte Manuever